10 Tips for a Fitness Novice – women’s

Arm yourself with our list of 10 items you need.

Tips for a Fitness

1 – Sports

If the theater begins with a hanger, then any training for a girl should begin with the correct sconce. No, even your most comfortable bra will not work: for the gym, you need special underwear that will support the chest, reduce the load on the spine, and will not cause discomfort during active movements. A consultant in a sportswear store will help you choose the perfect one depending on the type of fitness you choose.

2 – Sneakers

10 Tips for a Fitness Novice - women's

Be sure to try them before buying and make some basic movements – squats – twists, pushing away . so you will make sure that they tightly fit the lift and ankle, which will reduce the risk of dislocation.

You should not go to the gym in sneakers in which you walk in the summer. And even more, so you should not run your first couple of kilometers in them. Remember that the right fitness shoes should be stable, lightweight, breathable, have a flexible sole, adapted for a variety of movements.

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