10 Tips for a Fitness Novice – women’s

3 – T_shirt

10 Tips for a Fitness Novice - women's

Why can we recommend a sleeveless T-shirt instead of a T-shirt?

the straps contribute to proper posture. And concentrate on a technological fabric like DriFIT, which can remove moisture.

Firstly, both you and therefore the trainer will see how the shoulder works. The moment – nothing will constrain your movements. Thirdly, during a T-shirt you’d better keep your back

4 – Leggings

I always advise beginners to not buy shorts, but tight-fitting leggings , like Nike Sculpt Tight, advises Nikita Serdyuk, Nike innovative technology specialist. They have a compression effect, thereby preventing varicose veins, support muscles and avoid injuries and train with maximum efficiency , concentrate to how Lily is dressed

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