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20 Tips For Better Sleep

Tips For Better Sleep

We know the much-touted finding that humans need 7–9 hours of sleep to function optimally, but how we get the most out of those precious hours is another question .Sleep impacts us in more ways than we realize. . Part of adopting a healthy sleep habit into our life is to prioritize the ritual of preparing for bed, practicing good sleep hygiene and setting aside the time to actually sleep.The lack of it can be detrimental to weight-loss success as well as our overall well-being — it’s also been linked to dementia

Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

1. Get enough

Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep, on average, adults benefit from seven to eight hours sleep each night.


Culprits like abundant dinners, caffeine, booze and midnight candy are appealing obvious. However, there are a cardinal of foods to eat for a acceptable night’s beddy-bye — like bananas for their magnesium and carbs that advice aftermath serotonin, apricot for B6 to advice with hormone assembly and acerb cherries for melatonin (to name a few). The acceptable account is, the bigger you sleep, the bigger you are able to ascendancy cravings and amoroso consumption.

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