How to be beautiful without makeup

Get wont to your New Look

secret looking good

Throw away the standard makeup for the vacations , use less makeup – lightly touch the mascara with mascara, change the colour of the lipstick to less shiny. Change your look gradually. And most significantly – feeling like beauty without makeup. It all depends on the person himself. If someone considers themselves ugly, everyone will see it. If a woman believes she is exceptionally beautiful, everyone sees this beauty. And hiding it under layers of cosmetics is totally unnecessary.In the event that without make-up you are feeling insecure, if you’re wont to the image of a “bright star” and your new natural image transforms you internally into a “gray mouse”, don’t rush towards radical changes .

Take care of your skin

TOP SKINCARE TIPS to look good without makeup

The rejection of decorative cosmetics doesn’t in the least mean that it’s worthwhile to offer up all skin care products. Taking care of cleanliness, applying day and night creams are as compulsory as daily facial massage.

If the skin is problematic, there’s a continuing rash, acne, a rash – you ought to definitely contact a cosmetologist-dermatologist. Previously, blemishes were masked by layers of foundation, and now the skin just must be healthy. Sometimes, only the refusal of the inspiration , the clogging of the pores, helps to enhance the condition of the face.

Washing with cold water or applying ice cubes also helps remove dark circles and bags under the eyes, and also tones the skin. Nourishing masks useful from natural products, honey masks for instance .

You can also use hygienic lipstick or clear gloss to hydrate your lips. it’s easy to get rid of oily shine from the face employing a colorless powder.

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