Top 11 Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas to Up Your Halloween Game

in case you haven’t looked at the calendar in a while, Halloween is only a couple of day away … While Halloween makeup is always your best bet for a last-minute or low-maintenance costume ,sn’t it crazy how fast this year has gone ?? Whew! One day,at least taking place in small groups—cool makeup looks are the perfect way to add a little spooky spirit to your movie night or Zoom gathering you’re layering on highlighter and going to happy hour.

you don’t have a costume ?, I’ve been there and I gotchu one hundred percent. while searches for Halloween hair-color ideas are seven times higher ,Let me introduce you to these super-easy Halloween makeup ideas. To simplify things further, we’ve got you covered. From superheroes like Wonder Woman, to supervillains like The Joker, plus monsters, ghouls, check out the highlights, below, and then click through for the step-by-step instructions and product recs. Spoiler: Most of these looks are so easy, you can recreate them with makeup you already own.

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