What your urge to cheat is trying to tell you,causes, solutions

cheat in relationships

Despite our happy relationships, we can sometimes find ourselves confronted with the desperate desire to stray outside of our romantic commitments. This can happen as a result of deep and unaddressed issues, or it can simply come as a consequence of who we naturally are. Whatever the reason for our urges to cheat, it’s up to us to manage them and address them appropriately. There’s no excuse for consciously hurting other people, and that includes infidelity — no matter the cause.

Most of us get the urge to cheat at some point.

Though you probably wouldn’t get them to admit it, most people in long-term relationships feel the urge to cheat on Thier partner at some point. These urges can happen in varying degrees of seriousness and are often no more than a brief fantasy or imagining. Sometimes, however, these urges can become problematic and result in serious stumbling blocks for relationships and the connections we share with our partners.